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Welcome to the WOW blog!

This is a blog that has been set up to celebrate all the wonderful WOW winners and their inspirational stories. Setting up a business is a huge achievement, and the WOW community are a group of fearless, inspiring and hard working women and I hope you enjoy reading about their experiences as much as I do!

Jacqueline x

Parties with Style And Success!
Sharon Park
Love Lucia’s Parties
WOW winner on 17.06.15

Love Lucia’s Parties was officially launched in 2010, after it evolved from a previous company I had created, called Love Lucia’s Bakery. We were making high end cupcakes specialising in hand crafted chocolate decorations mainly for corporate clients. Then, when The Great British Bake Off appeared on our screens, the market became saturated with baking… Read More »

Posted on May 17th, 2017

A literary triumph!
Genevieve Yusuf
Jajaja Books
WOW Winner on 21.09.2011

Jajaja Books was one of the first businesses to be named a WOW winner back in 2011, so it’s safe to say our journey has been a long one! Like many other WOW winners, we were a start-up business and not massively accustomed to the world of social media – often sending ourselves tweets by… Read More »

Posted on May 3rd, 2017

Baking to success!
Rhiannon Abbott
The Epsom Bakehouse
WOW Winner 21.09.2016

Setting up my own business came out of the blue. I was unhappy in my former career working in a local government policy unit. Having left a job at the end of 2012, I was temping in an administrative role when I came across a training course called Bread Angels and decided to give it… Read More »

Posted on April 19th, 2017

The ultimate Dog-Spiration!
WOW Winner on 04.01.2017

My journey to being a female entrepreneur hasn’t been an easy one, starting when I was just 18 months old when I was diagnosed with childhood Arthritis. I spent much of my childhood and teens in and out of hospital managing my condition, but I never wanted to let it hold me back and it… Read More »

Posted on April 4th, 2017

Loving Your Home and Loving WOW!
Karen Bolton
Love Your Home Interiors
WOW winner on 17.08.2016

I became a WOW winner in August last year and I was more than delighted! My small business, Love Your Home Interiors, had only been set up in June the same year so I never really expected to win. It took a while to get to that point in June, however, hard work and determination… Read More »

Posted on March 21st, 2017

My Business baby!
Lara Bishop
Corporate Baby
WOW winner on 19.03.2014

Corporate Baby was born in 2006 when we identified a big gap in the market; Corporate Companies were looking to reward staff at one of the most important time of their lives, however they had no idea how to do this or where to go!  They needed a supplier who would take all the pain away… Read More »

Posted on March 7th, 2017

A Barking Business Success!
Amanda Hodges
Puddy Pooch Boutique
Wow Winner on: 30.09.2015

PuddyPooch Boutique started in May 2011 purely by chance and a love for something that is dear to all our hearts… dogs and cats!  Indeed, as I’m writing this I have an 8 week old Miniature Dachshund puppy on my lap! PuddyPooch was started purely by accident as, whilst in a shop that sold pet… Read More »

Posted on February 20th, 2017

Turning my love of fitness in to business!
Polly Hale
The Fit Mum Formula
WOW Winner on 05.02.14

Like many women entrepreneurs my business stemmed from not wanting to go back to full time employment after having children.  I had no way of channelling my drive and passions and wanted something that was ‘me’ outside of washing and toddler groups. The Fit Mum Formula was launched in 2013 when my younger daughter was… Read More »

Posted on February 7th, 2014