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From One-On-One Training to My Very Own Tribe - Jacqueline Gold

From One-On-One Training to My Very Own Tribe

The idea for my business, ‘Her Success Tribe’, first came about whilst I was coaching women to move past challenges and move forward in business. I noticed that there are so many women who are ready to step up in the world of business, but lacked the funds and resources to be able to do so. Not all the women I wanted to help were able to pay for one-to-one coaching, so in June 2016 I decided to build an online platform where all female entrepreneurs have access to coaching and mentoring – and support one another too!

At Her Success Tribe, we support women in business through a variety of events, coaching sessions, and online masterclasses. At our monthly workshops, we invite guest experts from a range of industries to deliver training on a specific business topic – for example, overcoming money blocks, creating a sales funnel, putting together a website. We also offer monthly coaching sessions and accountability workbooks to ensure that everyone has put tangible actions into place, and stays on track. The knowledge and skills that women can take from these events and masterclasses is so rewarding, and can really help them to achieve their business goals. Her Success Tribe

The fast growth and success of Her Success Tribe so far has been phenomenal and incredibly rewarding – but even more gratifying is seeing and hearing about the progress of the women who we are helping!

The biggest challenge I have faced since launching the business has been creating and maintaining the online platform – as I set up the whole membership website myself! Being a very driven and hands-on entrepreneur, I also struggle to trust other people with the responsibility of the website and various jobs that need to be done. However, as I am due to have a baby in a few months’ time, I now recognise that I need to put my big girl pants on and start delegating jobs to other people – in order to ensure that the business continues to thrive.

I recently brought on a team of ‘Tribe Leaders’ to help run events globally, organise admin, and support the Her Success Tribe community – which has so far been invaluable!

Since being selected as a WOW winner in 2015, the WOW community has been amazing. The way that female entrepreneurs are recognised within the community is so supportive – so I always recommend that members of my tribe apply for the award.

Being a female entrepreneur can be challenging – especially if you have young children. But I am highly driven by results and so motivated to help other women to be a success that there is no stopping me. Drawing from my own experience, the most important tip I would give to other entrepreneurs is to make every process as clear and strategic as possible, trust your team members, and document everything.

So, what’s next? We are due to launch events all over the world, and in December 2017 I featured in a multi – author book, which took off and reached a #1 best seller and went on to feature in The Huffington Post! I am really excited about the growth of the business and supporting the women within the community. So, watch this space!

January 24th, 2018

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