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Growing My Business From Economy To First Class - Jacqueline Gold

Growing My Business From Economy To First Class

At www.whattowearonholiday.com  we believe travel is liberating when you pack light and pack right.

We are an online resource for people who love to travel, and who appreciate that the benefits of travel can be enhanced by keeping packing to a minimum. We have free downloadable packing lists, country specific advice, product recommendations, a shop, and a great app that will help you find your way back to your hotel after a busy day of sightseeing!


The idea for the website came from my love of travel. While packing for my holidays I always worried about not having the right clothes, or taking too many clothes with me – only to have to bring it all back home with me and wash it again. I wanted to be free of all the stress associated with packing, and thought other people, especially women, would too.

Since the website launched in January 2009, the business model and the website have evolved to meet the needs of our customers from all around the globe. We’ve gone from zero customers to over 1 million in just eight years – all with no marketing budget or PR spend.

In the early days, we sold advertising, had a paid app on the Apple store and sold eBooks. However, as technology and people’s attitudes changed, we decided to adapt our business model and introduce an online shop for items that fitted our philosophy. As our affiliate schemes evolved, this model offered an opportunity to recommend great products to our customers, which we could hold in stock and ship from the UK.

A major turning point for us was the launch of www.whattowearonvacation.com. As over half of our business was coming from the USA, we decided to launch this sister site to appeal to the American population. Although an exciting time, this also led to one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since launching the business. The increase in traffic from both websites meant that our server couldn’t cope with the load and crashed. We had to get the server back up and running, and make major changes to ensure that this wouldn’t ever happen again.

Winning WOW back in 2014 really gave us a confidence boost, and we were so proud that someone with Jacqueline’s standing and expertise recognised us. There are some amazing female entrepreneurs out there and it’s great to see that everyone has such a willingness to help and support each other.

As a woman in business, there is often a challenge around juggling lots of different responsibilities. Myself and my co-workers are parents – so we always try to give adequate time to our family and to our business, as well as still finding time for ourselves.

My advice to other female entrepreneurs would be to never give up. Persistence and a belief in what you want to do will get you there in the end, even if at times it doesn’t feel like it. Avoid sharing your dream with your close friends and family unless you are 100% sure they will be totally positive and right behind you. Connect with other women who have made a success of their business, pick their brains, and enjoy the journey.

At www.whattowearonholiday.com we are now looking ahead to a fun future with the recent launch of our app, our interactive online group and our soon to be released book.

Helen x

November 3rd, 2017

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