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How my big day led to a business - Jacqueline Gold

How my big day led to a business

I launched ‘Paperless Wedding’ with my husband while living in New Zealand back in 2009 – a year after our big day. The idea came about whilst we were planning our wedding and talked about sending our invitations out digitally. We had friends and family living all over the world, so sending online invitations would have saved on money, time, and… paper! However, at the time there was no-one who offered this service.

Noticing this gap in the market, my husband and I decided to design and build the ‘Paperless Wedding’ website from scratch – offering brides and grooms a way to invite guests to their wedding in a cost effective, easy, and eco-friendly way. The business very quickly evolved, and is now available internationally.

Paperless WeddingWe offer a free ‘Save the Date’ package, which allows people to share a digital save the date email card with their guests in advance. Customers can then also purchase a ‘Wedding Website’, which is a great way to give guests the info they need about your wedding ahead of the big day, or a ‘Full Package’, which includes the Wedding Website and unlimited digital wedding invitations for a 12-month period.

When we moved back to the UK in 2011, we wanted to be able to have more control over the content of the website and improve functionality. We therefore decided to invest in a development and design company who helped us to re-launch the website in 2012, using updated technology. This new technology enables me to work on the website full time, without having to rely on tech support from my husband, and has also expanded the service so that it is available in New Zealand and Australia, as well as the UK.

Since the re-launch, I have been working to grow the company (we experienced a 66% growth in 2016!) at the same time as having two children. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy – but the reward of being able to spend more time with my kids while working for myself is great!

This year was very exciting as we launched a total revamp of the ‘Theme Editor’ on the website. Customers will now have a simple way to take a design they like and change the layout, fonts, and colours, to make it their own personalised, and beautiful theme.

Another exciting update is that we have recently gained an investor, which has allowed me to employ a social media manager. This has meant that I can concentrate fully on the business – without being distracted by Twitter and Facebook!

Jacqueline selected me as one of her WOW winners in 2016.  The WOW community has been invaluable, as I have been able to share thoughts and ideas with other women in business. I have also connected with other wedding professionals through the community and hope to offer their clients my services.

If you work alone in your business I can’t recommend enough joining a networking group and setting some time aside to meet up and talk about your work. Share experiences, share each other’s content on social media, and ask for advice on accounting or web design. The people I have met in person or ‘virtually’ have given me confidence to keep going when it gets tough.

I am excited and proud to be thought of as an entrepreneur, as it is not something I ever thought I would be. Being able to work, develop and evolve my wedding business, alongside being a wife and a mother, is the biggest honour and best job I could have ever have asked for!

We launched the new homepage this month, so I really hope you love our design and what we offer. Don’t forget to share with your engaged or soon to be married friends!


November 15th, 2017

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