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How I started my tasty trade... - Jacqueline Gold

How I started my tasty trade…

The concept for Mums Bake Cakes started when I was sourcing a gift for my beautiful niece Davina. At the time she was battling cancer, and enjoyed spending her days with family and friends, sampling cakes at various cafes. Trinkets and flowers didn’t feel like an appropriate present, so I wanted to send her a special cake. Sadly, I was unable to find a suitable cake that could be hand delivered to her, so I had to arrange for my sister to order a cake from a local bakery and then embark on a 600-mile trip to hand deliver it myself.

The ‘light bulb moment’ for my business came when I was discussing the challenge of finding a cake with Davina. She gave my business idea her full support, before sadly losing her battle with cancer in December 2015.

Mums Bake Cakes is designed to allow bakers all over the country to upload their cakes, and hand deliver in their own area – offering customers a beautiful tasty treat, delivered especially by the baker who made it!

vegan toolboxSince the business officially launched in March 2016, we have recruited hundreds of bakers across the UK, and created some great sales for them by helping them to increase their local customer base. The business has been a huge success, with orders being generated from as far as Canada and New Zealand.

Getting the Mums Bake Cakes name out there, and building the brand from scratch, has been the most challenging part of my business journey. Ensuring that bakers and potential customers all over the UK are exposed to the brand name is so important for the business to thrive, and this has definitely been more difficult than I first anticipated.

Explaining the business concept to the wider public has also been a challenge, as Mums Bake Cakes offers a very unique way of ordering a gift. For example, the website will require the postcode of the person receiving the gift to be able to suggest suitable bakers within that area. The public can often be reluctant to share personal details such as this, which is understandable, so we must ensure that Mums Bake Cakes is trustworthy and reliable for everyone involved.

Winning WOW in 2016, and being selected by a much-respected entrepreneur such as Jacqueline Gold, gave us the confidence to believe we have a business that is innovative and credible. Working within the WOW community has also given us the confidence to apply for other awards – which I’m delighted to say has led us to being awarded ‘Great British Entrepreneur of the Year: Food & Drink’ at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Sometimes in business you can have massive highs and massive lows – but my advice to other female entrepreneurs is to remember that there will always be another high just around the corner! Use online networking to share stories, and always support others as you never know, one day they may help you in the future too!

As we continue to work with more bakers, our baking community is ever increasing. Our aim is to continue to drive more sales for our bakers, and to deliver more delicious, hand-made cakes to the UK public!


October 18th, 2017

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