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How Dreams Come True - Jacqueline Gold

How Dreams Come True

My name is Amanda Tooke – The Angel Mystic. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and creator of The MAP (Manifesting Abundance Process).

I became a WOW winner in June 2016, but my entrepreneurial journey started long before then when I ran a beauty salon and sunbed studio at the age of 17. My father made sunbeds and, as I come from a very entrepreneurial family, he decided to set me up in the salon. The big thing that I learnt whilst working there, is that success requires commitment. I also noticed very early on that the ‘Law of Attraction’ plays a very important part in success.

19665533_1603214489741840_6983180775254861676_nLater, when I was 23, I married and had two wonderful children. Unfortunately, my marriage broke down, and I found myself divorced and a single mum – forced to take a job instead of staying at home with my kids. I was struggling financially, and always in debt, but I knew I wanted more. I knew I wanted to be an inspiration to my kids and teach them to not just ‘get by’.

One day I was sitting in a traffic jam, and spotted a lovely bed and breakfast that was for sale. As I sat there, my mind began to wander and I thought of what a great lifestyle that would be for me and my kids – a home that welcomed in guests, provided us with an income and, most of all, meant that I could be a stay at home mum again.

I felt a real pull to further explore this option, so I began researching the local market, asking other B&B owners questions, and searching for the ideal property. It gave me hope that life could be different than it currently was, and that I could get out of the financial pickle that I always seemed to be in. It was scary and a big gamble, but I knew if I didn’t do something different life would always stay the same. I had to believe it was possible and go for it, take that leap of faith. Eventually I found the perfect B&B for us, so I sold everything to raise the money.

Although very daunting, this experience gave me the confidence to move on and follow my instinct. I learnt that it was me creating my life, not the other way around.

After a period of ill health, I realized I had to follow my heart and do what I had always wanted to do. I wanted to use my spiritual gifts, that had been hidden in a closet, to help others. I therefore started my business Mystic Moon in 2009, initially as a shop. It was a huge gamble to start a business during a recession, using what was essentially my hobby as my full-time career and to support my two children – but I have honestly never looked back.

I soon became known as ‘The Angel Mystic’ after I did a couple of TV shows on ITV and Channel 4. I eventually took my business solely online and worked internationally with 1:1 clients, doing Angel and Psychic Readings and programmes. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength.

Now, I mainly support female business owners by providing them with the tools to blast through their blocks and fears, and limiting beliefs in a fun and easy way, by helping them to become spiritually rich, financially abundant, successful entrepreneurs. I run my Angels in Anglesey Retreats, online programmes (such as Easy Business Success), and have my membership site ‘Abundance Club’.

It was an honour to have my work recognised by Jacqueline when I was selected as a WOW winner last year. I have read her story and she is a true inspiration. There are many awards and achievements you can win, but WOW is fantastic as it feels so real and genuine. There are many incredible ladies within the WOW community, being bold and brave, and sharing their skills with the world, so it is a privilege to be a WOW winner with them!

My advice for other female entrepreneurs is to follow your heart; don’t always listen to your head. Whenever you have a hard decision to make, ask yourself, “If I don’t try will I regret it?” Make your decision from that place and live your life without regrets.

All of my life experiences have taught me that when you decide to go for something, align your energy and mindset with it, if it is the right thing for you, it will happen much easier and quicker than you envisage.

October 4th, 2017

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