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The law of success - Jacqueline Gold

The law of success

I launched Elletrepreneur in 2015 with the aim to use technology to streamline legal services and provide startups and SMEs with affordable, bespoke drafted legal contracts for their business, whilst giving a friendly, personable service.

I studied law at University, so have always been very passionate about startups and new businesses. After university, I worked for a company who was heavily involved in technology and social media for startups, including Facebook and Snapchat. This made me super interested in technology and how it could be used to change or create new industries. I wanted to make legal services more efficient, and my research of automation and AI (artificial intelligence) led me into the world of legal tech.

ElleHosie-Final-Colour-3While working at a City firm in London, I was inspired by the lack of access to affordable business contracts for startups and SMEs, as I knew that this meant inadequate legal protection. There didn’t seem to be a middle ground between extortionately priced bespoke legal documents vs free, low quality off the shelf templates. I was also surprised by how many of our startup and SME founder clients had such little understanding of the nuts and bolts of running a business, and were, in their own words, ‘winging it’ – which encouraged us to position ourselves as a ‘more than just legal’ business resource for founders.

The business has grown and developed through word of mouth recommendations and client testimonials. I was selected for and took part in a 4-month Female Founders Accelerator in London which helped us to scale the business from a consultancy into a legal tech startup for startups.

We’re planning to further develop the technology to scale out across a multitude of commercial contracts. We also want to continue to become a resource for business founders and have some exciting new projects lined up with this in mind.

For me, a big challenge is being the face of your business whilst also growing the business and your team. It sometimes gets frustrating when projects take longer to get to fruition than you would like, just because time and resources are a lot more stretched for us than a larger business!

Any recognition of your business is a huge boost, but to be recognised specifically as a successful female entrepreneur is incredibly empowering, particularly as it has allowed me and my business to become part of the WOW community and expand our network of female entrepreneurs who we greatly admire.

My advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to feel the fear and dive in anyway. Being an entrepreneur is scary and risky, but for most of us entrepreneurs, so is the prospect of 40 years working for someone else in a 9-5 job. Also, don’t ever let money be the reason that you don’t do something- if you really want or believe in it, you’ll find a way!

Elle x


August 23rd, 2017

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