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A neat way to do business - Jacqueline Gold

A neat way to do business

I launched SoSorted in February 2017, after many months of planning. Prior to this I had been working in Further Education for 15 years and felt it was time for a change.

It all started when I turned 40. I started to review my life and ask questions about what I wanted (and didn’t want) to do for the next 20+ years. I sat down to carry out an audit of my skills, and really thought about what makes me happy. I realised that I had decluttered and organised my way through several jobs, departments, and houses, always sharing my skills and expertise with colleagues, friends and family along the way, and I absolutely loved doing it! I have personally reaped the rewards of working and living in this way, so I started to wonder – could make a living out of it?

I quickly carried out some research into the decluttering market, and completed some training with the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. After this, SoSorted was born – providing services to help people struggling with clutter, chaos, and disorganisation, and giving them the freedom, time and systems to be successful.

Zoe ShortIt’s still very early days for SoSorted, but my services have been so well received that it has encouraged me to continue. There is definitely a need for what I do; most of us have too much stuff and think we have too little time to do much about it, yet we know it holds us back.

As an entrepreneur, I really enjoy networking – both online and face to face. Finding the right network groups has not only helped me to grow my client base, but also gain the support I miss from when I was an employee.

Becoming a WOW winner in May 2017 was a huge boost for me in terms of motivation, and validating my brand and services (especially as it is the first social media competition I have entered). I have met some inspiring women through networking with the WOW group, and really benefited from the ideas that they have shared.

One important thing I have picked up along the way is that your mind set is so powerful; when you believe in what you do, others will too. As female entrepreneurs, we need to know (and charge) our worth, and believe we are the expert at what we do.

Being a female entrepreneur is something I am really proud of. Leaving a teaching career with all the benefits and securities that it brings was a huge leap of faith, but I knew that I still had it in me to learn new skills and put myself ‘out there’.


August 9th, 2017

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